WhatsApp message proves to be helpful for patient


A message passed on Whatsapp helped to provide timely help for a patient who was admitted to Government Rajaji Nagar (GRH) on Friday.

Kannan, a resident of Paramakudi from Ramanathapuram district who was admitted to GRH, was in urgent need for A +ve blood on Friday afternoon. He was accompanied by his sister, who called out for help to seek blood donors. At that time social activists Anand Raj and S. Karthik, who was present at the hospital, helped Mr. Kannan to get A +ve blood from the blood bank of the GRH.

But, the blood bank officials had instructed that the relatives of Mr. Kannan must donate blood in return.

At that time, Kumaravel, a youth from Puliyankulam village, had come to GRH to visit a patient in the nearby bed. After hearing about this news, he spread information on Whatsapp group seeking blood donors. Immediately, around 10 volunteers came and blood was collected from three persons.

"All these people had come forward to donate blood without any expectation," said Mr. Anand Raj.

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