Vishwak Sen falling on his knees..!  at the pre-release event of 'Ashokavanam lo Arjunakalyanam'..!

Vishwak Sen‘s prank video for his movie promotion.. Everyone knows about the buzz it made. An advocate complained about this to the Human Rights Commission and then set up a debate on a popular news channel hosted by Devi Anchor Nagavalli. We saw Vishwak Sen getting fired for the comments made by anchor Devi Nagavalli on Vishwak Sen who was present.

Devi Nagavalli went and handed over the complaint to Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav if she wanted a similar prank video. Devi Nagavalli has no supporters except a few anchors. On the other hand, netizens are trending hashtags on social media by trolling her badly on social media. Vishwak Sen, on the other hand, once said that it was wrong to use the word ‘fu **’ in the media but said that it was not his fault in other matters.

Vishwak Sen made several emotional comments on the subject during the pre-release event of the film ‘Ashokavanam lo Arjuna kalyanam’ held in Khammam. ‘If I worked so hard in my career I would be like this today. Being a hero in middle class families means parents get confused. But to me our mom was a big support.

I have no background and if encountered by any negative comments in the industry.. will the rest of them have a family too.. Do you have the idea that if you do something negative, you will not do anything? Some say ‘Do you respect women?’. I am saying to our mother.. ‘Mother knows the culture of respecting your son playing.. Yesterday he came with his mouth shut after all the words.. Your son never said anything.. Are you with me (showing fans)’ Vishwak Sen became emotional. These comments are currently going viral.

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