Varun Tej announces his marriage

Tollywood’s most eligible bachelors are getting married now. While Naga Shaurya and Karthikeya have tied the knot, it is known that hero Sharwanand got engaged recently. On the other hand, Mega Power Star Ram Charan has also leaked on the Unstoppable show that young rebel star Prabhas is also going to give good news this year. All the fans are waiting for the darling’s marriage. Now only Varun Tej, Sai Dharam Tej and Allu Sirish are left in the industry for the wedding. For the past few days, the news of Varun Tej’s love and marriage has been buzzing on social media. In this order, Mega Brother Naga Babu , who recently participated in an interview, made interesting comments about his son Varan Tej’ marriage.

Naga Babu said that Varun Tej will get married soon. Varun  Tej himself will announce about his marriage. But the identity of the girl was not disclosed. He said that he couldn’t tell the things related to the bride now. All things will be revealed only by Varun Tej. Naga Babu said that currently Varun is staying in a different house. Even after marriage, Naga Babu will stay with his wife in a different house.

 According to Naga Babu, Varun Tej himself will be giving the announcement to the media about the marriage.

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