Vaccine supply to private centres stopped from April 30

Two major hospitals in Coimbatore shut vaccination centres

Owing to limited allocation of COVID-19 vaccines from Chennai, the Health Department stopped from April 30 the supply of Covishield and Covaxin to vaccination centres run by private hospitals in Coimbatore district.

A Health Department official said that the limited stocks of vaccines it received were supplied to vaccination centres in government hospitals, including medical college hospitals and primary health centres.

The official also said that there was no clear information on when the district would receive adequate doses to continue supply to the private centres.

Spokespersons from two major private hospitals in Coimbatore told The Hindu that they had to shut the vaccination centre temporarily due to unavailability of vaccines.

“We are informing people who approach us about the lack of supply. Many of them are in need of their second dose to complete the course of the vaccination,” said a spokesperson.

As of Monday evening, the district had 4,470 doses of vaccines (4,090 doses of Covishield and 380 doses of Covaxin) at two government medical college hospitals, government hospitals, primary health centres and the vaccination centres of the Coimbatore Corporation.

The vaccination centre run by the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital at the Government Arts College witnessed heavy rush of people who came to take first and second jabs.

Officials involved in the vaccination drive in the district feel that government-run centres will be flooded with people in the coming days if there is further delay in the procurement of adequate vaccine stocks for private centres.

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