Vaccination has picked pace, says Joshi

“The Union government is trying hard to ensure universal vaccination. But it will take time. It is wrong to expect it to be completed in a short span of time. Vaccines needed for the whole country cannot be manufactured in a day,’’ Union Minister Pralhad Joshi said in Hubballi on Monday.

Congress leaders who are making allegations against the government that has neglected its duty of vaccinating everyone should introspect on their rule. While two industrial units are manufacturing vaccines under the BJP rule, as many as three vaccine units were closed down during the Congress rule. They should recall this, he said.

He said that over 80% of the target population [over 45 years] had received two doses of vaccine. The pace has picked up after the universal vaccination programme that was launched on June 21. Since then, 12 crore people have been given the vaccine.

The Government of India is spearheading the world’s largest vaccination programme. In Karnataka, 2.6 crore of the 6.44 crore people have been vaccinated, he said.

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