UPSC NDA Result 2021: Preparation guide for SSB, books to read

The NDA 1 result is expected to be out soon. Right after the announcement of the result, SSB interviews will be held for qualified candidates. There is no time to lose. Know how to prepare for SSB here.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is expected to announce NDA 1 result 2021 in a few days. The exact date of the declaration of the result has not been notified. However, it is expected that the result will be announced by the third or fourth week of June 2021. UPSC has also released the NDA (II) application form. The last date to submit it is June 29, 2021. The NDA (II) exam will be held on September 5, 2021.

The result of the NDA 2021 exam will be uploaded online, at It will be announced via a pdf and will contain the name and roll number of the selected candidates for Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews. Those who qualify for the written tests are required to appear in the SSB interview. The final results are based on the performance of the candidate in the written test and the SSB interviews. 

SSB interviews are very crucial and must not be taken lightly. Looking at the trends from the past, it is seen that only 8% to 10% of the candidates could qualify for the SSB interview rounds. Therefore here is a preparation guide on how to stay mentally and physically ready for the SSB Interview rounds:

Books to prepare for the interview: 

There are many books available in the market and in the online shopping portal that can be used to prepare for the SSB interview. A few of the most recommended books are – SSB Interview: The Complete Guide by Dr N.K. Natarajan; Let’s Crack SSB Interview by SSBCrack; SSB OIR & PPDT: Complete Guide To Stage 1 SSB Interview by DDE; Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests – SSB Interview by SSBCrack; Get Success in SSB Interviews by Arihant Experts.

Know what happens in SSB interview:

You cannot play a game if you do not know the rules, right? Similarly, you must know what happens in the SSB interview rounds to be able to prepare for it. Here is what goes on during those 5 days of SSB rounds

However, the above chronology can vary depending on various factors.

Stay in touch with all the international and national current affairs

One must practice for all kinds of tests. Ignoring current affairs you can lose many points in the interview. The presence of mind and awareness of the candidates is determined by their knowledge of current events happening around the world. In the final PI, candidates are asked several questions related to current affairs. So read newspapers, magazines, watch digital news, and stay up to date. Have in-depth knowledge about your hometown.

Interview étiquettes

Learn and practice the manners of interviews. For this, you can watch videos and practise speaking in front of a mirror. Also, build your confidence and learn the difference between confidence and overconfidence. Interview etiquettes like how to sit, what to say, opening line, closing line, addressing the interviewer, etc. are an added bonus. So, learn it all well.

Physical preparation

Make sure you are fit and healthy. A well-presented body will have a healthy mind. This is reflected in the SSB rounds. Eat healthy, exercise, and be positive. There will be physical tasks in the SSB interview round, like obstacle course race, rope climbing, etc. Therefore running / jogging every day for 30 mins will help you a lot. Apart from this, do other workouts to build stamina as well. 

Read success stories

Those who have already cracked SSB have advice or two to give on how to crack the interview. Reading their success stories can give an insight on what and how of SSB. One can learn a thing or two from these. 

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