University to join hands with ASI for excavation

Resident of Elanthakarai gives a collection of antique articles to varsity

Alagappa University Vice-Chancellor N. Rajendran received from a resident a collection of antique articles from Elanthakarai village of Kalaiyarkoil in Sivaganga district.

According to a press statement from the university, Mr. Rajendran said these antiquities reveal the history of Tamil Nadu for a period from the sangam age to the medieval period. The History Department made a preliminary survey of this site and collected a number of artefacts. The team found the site to have a great potential to do further study. A proposal for this purpose was sent to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) through the State government.

The Standing Committee of Central Advisory Board of Archaeology ( CABA) has approved the proposal for taking up excavation work at Elanthakarai with the cooperation of ASI.

The ASI will collaborate with Alagappa University for the first time to do excavations in Tamil Nadu. The State Archaeological Department is also providing full cooperation to this work for which the university had signed a memorandum of understanding. The History Department, under the direction of S. Rajavelu, Adjunct Faculty, A. R. Saravanakumar, Head of the Department (in charge) and a team of archaeologists from ASI are set to begin the excavation work from the middle of March. The ASI would nominate a Co-director for this project.

The Vice-Chancellor said the large number of antiquities and potsherds collected from Elanthakarai through surface-level explorations had raised hopes that the excavation will yield many findings and the site will become yet another significant site such as Keeladi to learn about the authentic history of the Tamils.

The antiquities received from Mr. Ramesh consisted of various kinds of beads, coins, potsherds and terracotta artefacts.

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