Tirumala to stake claim as birthplace of Lord Hanuman

TTD to unveil evidences on Ugadi

Tirumala which houses the shrine of Lord Venkateswara is all set to stake its claim as the birthplace of Lord Hanuman with the TTD looking determined to authenticate the same with mythological, astrological, epigraphical and scientific evidences on Ugadi, the Telugu New Year’s day, on April 13.

With an intention to unravel the myth surrounding the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, the TTD in December constituted an eight-member committee of experts to research on the subject with a special focus on Anjanadri that forms a part of the seven hills constituting the hill town.

The panel consists of the Vice-Chancellor of National Sanskrit University Prof. Muralidhar Sharma, Vice-Chancellor of SV Vedic University Prof. Sannidhanam Sharma, ISRO scientist Remella Murthy, Deputy Director of State Archaeology Vijaykumar, professors Ranisadasiva Murthy, J. Ramakrishna and Sankara Narayana with the TTD SV Higher Vedic Studies project director Akella Vibhishana Sharma as the convener. After several rounds of discussions and research, the committee finally declared to have collected adequate evidences to establish that Anjanadri is the original birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

Scriptural backing

During its research, the panel largely counted on the scriptural evidences found in Siva, Brahma, Brahmanda, Varaha and Matysa Puranas besides Venkatachala Mahatyam and Brihatsamhita of Varahamihira. The panel also came out with sufficient evidences with regard to the ‘time’ and ‘era’ of the happening.

After a marathon meeting with the committee members, TTD Executive Officer K.S. Jawahar Reddy exhorted them to bring out all the evidences along with related information in the form of a book for the benefit of public.

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