Thrissur likely to miss Pulikkali for second year in a row

It is difficult to conduct event by maintaining COVID protocols

Pulikkali, one of the most-vibrant events of the Onam celebrations in Thrissur, is unlikely to be held for the second year in a row due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The colourful street pageant, which used to bring the curtain down on the Onam celebrations in the cultural capital, used to be held on the fourth Onam day.

A pall of gloom has gripped the main tiger ‘dens’ as it is not feasible to conduct the event by maintaining the COVID-19 protocols.

People will enter the city in groups if the event is conducted in the Swaraj Round. It will be a hectic task for the police to control the crowd.

The people of the region are still trying hard to digest the way Thrissur Pooram was held this year without spectators.

Online last year

The pandemic spoiled last year’s Pulikkali too. Last year it was held online. Before that the Pulikkali was cancelled in 2018 too due to the devastating floods.

Pulikkali is an inevitable part of the Onam celebrations here. Dancers with their bodies painted in yellow and black will prance around the streets mimicking the movements of tigers. They will dance to the rustic beats of the drums. The tiger faces painted on their pot bellies will vibrate as they move in feral dance steps. Roaring fans will encourage them.


Demands are now being raised to hold the Pulikkali as a ritual. But a final decision has not been taken. The Pulikkali groups are also checking the possibility of conducting the event in a lower-scale in their respective areas by maintaining the COVID-19 protocols.

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