Teynampet residents demand removal of encroachments on footpath

‘Temple occupies footpath, hindering movement of public’

Residents of Rathna Nagar in Teynampet have complained to the Greater Chennai Corporation about encroachments on the footpath and appealed to the civic officials to create space for pedestrians.

Chennai Corporation officials at the ward 122 are yet to stop the construction of a structure, even after receiving the complaint a few weeks ago.

“We have two entrances to our street, one is next to the Apollo Speciality Hospital in Teynampet and the other entrance is on Cenotaph Road near the Toyota showroom. Our street has a long history dating back to the 1970s and currently even have some world renowned residents. There are a few illegal religious structures on this street. The most conspicuous of them all is the Amman Temple in front of the property in New No.23, Rathna Nagar, Teynampet. The temple is being managed by a few politicians in the area through which they claim their right to the area and throw their weight around," a resident complained.

"This temple was initially small and did not create a big issue for the public using the footpath and the roads. But over the years it has become too big and has occupied the entire footpath making it a hinderance for the walking public. They are also rebuilding the temple. We request the Chennai Corporation to prevent such illegal constructions," said a resident.

"Once a few elderly representatives from our property had gone to meet these so called guardians of this temple in the trust that they would treat the elderly with respect. But that was not the case — some people ganged up against these elderly representatives and were intimidating them,” said the resident.

Chennai Corporation officials said the civic body will take steps to prevent encroachments on footpaths.

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