Tamil Nadu CM calls up teen treated under emergency health care scheme

The teen was treated under a scheme that allows the patient to receive treatment for the first 48 hours free of charge in a private hospital.

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin on Friday night spoke to a 13-year-old boy over the phone and enquired about his health. The teen S. Varsanth, had been successfully operated on to remove blood clots in his brain under the emergency health care scheme, ‘Innuyir Kaapom-Nammai Kaakkum 48’, that was launched recently.

Mr. Stalin enquired about his health, the details of the accident and advised the teen to be confident. He also asked the boy to take his medicines regularly. He also spoke a few words to his mother and asked her to take care of the boy.

Varsanth of Kuppampalayam in N. Pudupatti was returning with his father Subramani and mother on a two-wheeler to their house on January 13. At 7 p.m. while approaching a hotel in Trichy Main Road, their vehicle collided with another two-wheeler coming in the opposite direction. His parents escaped without injuries while Varsanth suffered head injuries. He was admitted to the ICU at the private hospital on Salem Road where a CT scan revealed blood clots in the brain. A CT scan was done again after 12 hours and doctors advised parents to go for surgery immediately.

A team led by neurosurgeon Balasubramaniayam opened the skull and performed the surgery and removed blood clots. The boy recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Currently, he is staying at his relative’ house in Pottireddipatti Mangaradu. The surgery was performed under the new scheme where the patient can receive treatment for the first 48 hours free of charge in a private hospital.

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