Spread awareness on farm laws, Haryana CM tells BKU (Mann)

Farmers must defeat vested interests by highlighting benefits, says Manohar Lal

Amid the controversy surrounding the Centre’s farm laws, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal on Tuesday said a group of 30-40 farmers having factual knowledge about the farm laws should be constituted to spread awareness among their peer groups in each village.

He was addressing a group of representatives of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Mann), led by Guni Prakash, who met him here.

“Every farmer should be well versed about the benefits of these laws so that those who are trying to spread misinformation and mislead them should fail to attain their vested interests”, said Mr. Lal.

According to an official press release, Mr. Lal said farmers could be trained to get ample knowledge about the laws should be conducted so that they can further spread awareness about the benefits and ensure that none is misled by anyone.

Letter of support

The delegation led by Mr. Prakash submitted a letter of support to the Chief Minister on the farm laws, saying the farmers are in favour of these legislations and only the so-called farmers have given it a political colour. “Those agitating on the Delhi borders are political representatives.”

Udhay Bhan, general secretary of the outfit, said, “The Opposition especially the Congress is playing politics with the lives of the farmers to further their vested interests.”

Mr. Lal said the State government is committed to safeguarding the interests of the farmers and farming community and several steps have been taken in this direction.

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