Small tea growers seek higher prices

The small tea growers in the Nilgiris have sought higher price for green tea leaves that are procured by Indcoserve.

Founder president of Nilgiris Nelikolu Micro and Small Tea Growers and Farmers Development Society Hubbathalai N. Sivan told The Hindu that the Tamil Nadu government is procuring tea from Indcoserve to be given in kits that will be distributed at PDS outlets.

Since May, the government has procured 42 lakh kg of tea and the sourcing continues. It will be distributed to two crore ration card holders in the State.

Last year, the Kerala government procured 1,250 tonnes of tea and the growers were paid ₹18 a kg for green tea leaves. This year, the growers are getting ₹20 a kg for the leaves procured by the Indco Cooperative tea factories.

“The growers should get at least ₹25 a kg. Or, they should be paid according to the price sharing formula of the Tea Board,” he said.

Of the 70,000 small growers in the Nilgiris, almost 25,000 are supplying to the Indco Cooperative tea factories, he said.

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