Singaram oustees asked to vacate village

Officials want them to leave without waiting for allotment of R&R dwellings at Mutrajpally

The pressure is building up on the oustees of Singaram in Kondapaka mandal to vacate the village. This village will get submerged in Mallannasagar reservoir that is under construction. Though no notices were issued so far to them the villagers were orally communicated to vacate.

A meeting was held in the village four days ago to discuss the issue and on Monday the villagers visited the houses being built for them under R&R package at Mutrajpally near Gajwel and inspected the houses under construction.

The villagers told the officials to allow them to stay in their village till they were allotted houses at Mutrajpally. However, the officials were reported to putting pressure on them to vacate without waiting for the dwellings at Mutrajpally. The officials told them that they would be temporarily accommodated at the 2BHK houses at Sangapur till the allotment of their permanent houses at Mutrajpally.

The meeting between the villagers and Revenue Divisional Officer Vijayender Reddy ended abruptly without reaching a conclusion.

The villagers are yet to take decision in this regard.

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