Siddaramaiah questions religious bar on beef consumption

Questioning the BJP’s argument on the religious bar on consumption of beef, former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday claimed that there was a shloka that said consuming beef was good for health.

When reporters drew his attention to the BJP leaders’ contention that consumption of beef hurts religious feelings, Mr. Siddaramaiah sought to know which religion barred its consumption. On the contrary, the former Chief Minister said there was a Sanskrit shloka that claimed consuming the meat of a bull was good for health.

Though he said he could not immediately recall the shloka, Mr. Siddaramaiah said it had obviously been written by a person knowing Sanskrit.

Responding to Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa’s critical remarks against him over consumption of beef, Mr. Siddaramaiah sought to make it clear that he has not eaten beef.

“I did not say that I have eaten beef. All I said is I will eat if I want to. Who is he to question me? It is my food habit and it is my right,” Mr Siddaramaiah said.

He said he had eaten the meat of sheep, goat and chicken, but added that he has neither tasted beef nor pork.

Contending that consumption of does not provoke religious feelings, Mr Siddaramaiah said beef is consumed across the world. “Aren’t there people, who eat beef the world over? Aren’t they humans? Are they animals?”, he asked before stating that he would not force vegetarians to eat meat.

Farm laws

Mr. Siddaramaiah said the apex court had stayed the implementation of the farm laws as they were unconstitutional.

He said the Prime Minister should own responsibility for the failure of the Government to resolve the stand-off with the farmers, who had protested for 48 days against the farm laws, and apologise to the nation.

With reference to the expert committee constituted by the Apex Court to hold negotiations with the farmers and the Government, Mr Siddaramaiah said the farmers were against the Committee as its four members were in favour of the Government. The members of the Committee should be neutral, he said.

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