Settle ring net issue once and for all, CITU urges State government

‘Untreated wastes being released into sea resulting in depletion of fish resources’

Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) State secretary M. Jaggu Naidu has demanded that the State government come out with a permanent solution to the ring net problem and strive to protect the livelihood of traditional fishermen. He demanded an end to use of ring nets, which were being used in violation of court orders.

A ‘padayatra’ was organised by the CITU in which fishermen and fishermen unions participated at Peda Jalaripeta here on Sunday.

The CITU workers went from door-to-door distributing pamphlets to the fisherfolk. They also held group meetings and asked the fishermen about their problem. Artistes of Praja Natyamandali created awareness among fishermen as to how the use of ring nets would deprive traditional fishermen of their livelihood.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Jaggu Naidu said that irrespective of the party in power in the State, approvals were being given for the opening of chemical industries on the coast. The untreated wastes being released by them into the sea resulting in the depletion of fish resources and depriving fishermen of their livelihood. The fishermen were unable to provide proper education to their children. The indifference of the government and officials in implementing the laws was resulting in clashes between the two different groups of fishermen, he alleged.

He said that asking the warring groups to settle the dispute between themselves was nothing but the government shirking its responsibility. The clashes would not have occurred had the fishermen unions had sorted out the issue among themselves. He demanded that the State government hold discussion with the fishermen and bring out a consensus between the two groups, while ensuring that the livelihood of traditional fishermen was not affected.

CITU district president R.K.S.V. Kumar, fishermen sangham State general secretary Koviri Appalaraju, city leaders K. Shekar, A. Lokesh, CITY city leaders M. Subba Rao, Y. Raju, V. Krishna Rao, Santosh, Nookaraju, S. Sravan Kumar and Praja Natya Mandali leaders M. Chanti, N.V. Ramana and A.V. Ramana were among those who participated.

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