School steps in to adopt family

Four girls lose father to COVID

The Government LP School, Cotton Hill, has adopted a Class III student of the school and her three sisters who lost their father to COVID-19.

The four girls and their mother Sheeba, who is unwell, do not own a house or a means of income. They were faced with an uncertain future when the headmaster of the school shared their plight with the other staff members and the PTA and the school decided to help. With this aim, the LP School gave shape to a project christened ‘Koodeyundu Cotton Hill School’ under which the school will meet the monthly food expenses of Anisha’s family. Minister for Transport Antony Raju inaugurated the project on Friday.

He also announced that he will meet the first month’s expense of ₹5,000.

Government schools are not just venues for imparting education, but they are also model institutions that should have a keen grasp of the needs of the society, Mr. Raju said. The Government LP School, Cotton Hill, has proven this important aspect of government-run educational institutions through its action of helping the family, he said, handing over a month’s supply of essential commodities to Ms. Sheeba.

Mobile phones

Jeevan Babu, Director of General Education, officially announced the school’s decision to provide assistance to the family. The school also distributed mobile phones to 68 students of the school for their online classes.

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