Sanskrit scholar Lakshmitathachar dead

He was founder-director of Academy of Sanskrit Research

Renowned Sanskrit scholar and founder-director of the Academy of Sanskrit Research, M.A. Lakshmithathachar, 85, passed away at Melkote in Mandya district on Saturday. He is survived by two sons.

Born on August 22, 1936, Dr. Lakshmithathachar studied Sanskrit and specialised in literature, Navya Nyaya system of philosophy and various systems of Vedanta with special reference to Vishistadvaitha Vedanta, comparative studies of Sanskrit with modern schools of thought, study of scientific subjects in Sanskrit like phonetics etc.

Dr. Lakshmithathachar headed the Academy of Sanskrit Research for 18 years and before that he taught Sanskrit at the Government College in Chitradurga, Government Arts and Science College in Bengaluru, and was the Assistant Professor of Sanskrit in the PG Department of Bangalore University.

As the Director of the Academy of Sanskrit Research, he was responsible for the publication of various multi-volume critical works of Sri Ramanujacharya, the Upanishads and other rare works in Sanskrit.

Descriptive catalogue

He was also responsible for the preparation of thematic descriptive catalogue and bibliographies on palm leaf manuscripts, preparation of critical editions of unpublished manuscripts with special reference to medicinal manuscripts among others.

He was among the first to harness computer software to study ancient manuscripts. Dr. Lakshmithathachar had received the Presidential award. He also played the lead role in the film Ramanujacharya, directed by G.V. Iyer.

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