Roads in city wear deserted look

Most people chose to stay indoors, only restaurants open for takeaways

Roads in the capital city wore an almost deserted look on Saturday as movement restrictions similar to last year’s lockdown were clamped down for the weekend, in view of the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

A majority of the public chose to stay indoors as the district administration had said that people should venture out only if absolutely necessary, in a bid to break the spread of the virus.

Those who ventured out were required to provide convincing reasons or related documents at a couple of checkpoints set up in the city.

Only 60% of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)’s fleet of buses are being put into service for the weekend, while most of the private buses stayed off the roads. The occupancy levels in the buses were also low as most of the institutions remained closed. Long distance bus services, flights and trains are running as per schedule.

Restaurants in the city did not have any occupancy as only takeaways are being allowed for the weekend. Tourist spots, parks, beaches and museums remained out of bounds for the public during the day. Most of the commercial establishments and shops, other than restaurants, remained closed through the day.

Marriages and functions which were registered earlier on the COVID-19 jagratha portal were held as per schedule, but with strict restrictions on the number of participants.

Despite the curbs, the higher secondary examinations and the training sessions for officials assigned for counting of votes on May 2 were held as scheduled. Movement of those heading to vaccination camps was also allowed.

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