Road to Viswas Nagar is riddled with potholes

Residents and commercial establishments on Viswas Nagar near Palpannai junction complain that the road lies in a dilapidated condition and it has worsened due to the recent rains. Heavy vehicles which frequent the road as several warehouses have been set up there make matters worse, residents add.

The street that had been dug up for laying underground drainage pipeline last year, is yet to be restored. The locality, lies in close proximity to the Chennai Bypass Road and Thanjavur Road sees many heavy vehicles. Large potholes have formed across the length and breadth of the road. “We have lived here for over 10 years, but with an increasing number of commercial establishments and vehicles on the street, the road quality is becoming worse,” M. Murugananthan, a resident said.

The damaged roads pose a threat to the safety of motorists, particularly during night as there are no street lights on the stretch.

This has led to number of accidents. "I walk daily to the nearby main road to purchase essentials and I have to be careful to avoid the potholes. At night, things get worse and on a daily basis senior citizens or children stumble and fall on the road,” says a resident of a nearby apartment.

Residents claim that the authorities pay no heed to their demands, despite several complaints. “We live so near to the highways but we are being ignored. One can only imagine how bad it is in the interior parts of the city,” a resident said.

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