RGV says to Ariyana Glory : I like watching lesbian s*x

The Ex Bigg Boss contestant Ariyana Glory has been trying to engage fans on social media with her photographs and Instagram Reels. Few days ago YouTube interviewer Ariyana had taken her fans by surprise with her pictures with none other than filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV. She was spotted working out in the gym.

Ram Gopal Varma’s latest ‘b*ld interview’ with Ariyana Glory has become a h*t topic on social media. In a striking question, Ariyana asked RGV, “how long do your relationships last?” Sathya helmer RGv replied to her,  “Initially, my relationships used to last for several years, later it reduced to 1  year and then for a few months and even for a few days. Now, my relationships do not last beyond a few hours.” He concluded it by saying, “I don’t maintain steady relationships to ensure my women don’t go through such headaches.”

When YouTube interviewer Ariyana Glory asked if he likes lesbian s*x, RGV replied, “Yes. I like watching lesbian s*x. I like watching beautiful women.

When there are two females having s*x, I enjoy watching it.” Ariyana Glory says to the filmmaker that she does not like lesbian s*x. Then, RGV replied, “I don’t like two guys having s*x.”

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