Retired government teachers appeal for DA

Retired teachers have appealed to the Tamil Nadu government to reinstate dearness allowance which has been withheld.

The teachers said that while the Central government had released prospectively the DA payment that it had suspended from January 2020 to July 2021 at 11%, the State government had in its Budget announced that the DA payment would be withheld for another nine months.

The Tamil Nadu Retired College Teachers’ Association has pointed out that the government employees and pensioners had been hard hit, and the COVID-19 pandemic had hurt them further.

‘Fundemental right’

They said that DA/DR is a fundamental right of an employee and pensioner and is meant for survival of the employee and pensioner against erosion of wages and pension. The association cited the rules that protect the payment of salary/pension to government employees, and appealed that the government revoke its decision to withhold the DA and disburse it.

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