Residents calls for streamlining of vaccination process

Overcrowding and lack of arrangements at camps is causing concern

A section of the public are voicing complaints about overcrowding and poor arrangements at vaccination camps in Tiruchi.

While the civic body has begun distribution of tokens at vaccination centres, there is no mention of timings on them. This has led to people waiting endlessly at the centres.

The system is mismanaged and unorganised, says S. Gopal, a resident and Rotarian.

While Tiruchi Corporation has been able to streamline the crowd by providing them with tokens, the number of people queuing up appears to be more than double the available doses of vaccine. While vaccination is meant to help control the spread of the infection, the gathering at the centres can be counterproductive, he points out.

Women and senior citizens are forced to stay put and wait for hours without food or water. “We suggest that the tokens also include timings so that people can come when it is time for them to get the shot,” Mr. Gopal adds.

Also, many token-holders do not get their shot as the vaccine doses run out before their turn. “We waited for nearly three hours but were told that the vaccines have ran out. We are yet to get the shot,” said a resident of Woraiyur.

Mr. Gopal suggests that the civic body take the help of volunteers to streamline the process. “Volunteers can control the crowd so that the process from receiving the token to getting the shot can be smooth and hassle-free.”

M.D. Hakkim, emergency physician in charge of the vaccination drive within the city limits, says crowd control takes up most of the time at all vaccination centres.

“We instruct the people to come at 10 a.m., as the vaccines are only delivered to the site at the time. But they line up at 5 a.m. and argue when asked to wait,” he contends.

The token system does not seem to be working either as one person picks up tokens for 10 people and stands in line.

Dr. Hakkim adds that the authorities are now mulling over a mobile vaccination kiosk. “We can vaccinate at the spot and move on. The only problem is the 30-minute observation period, which is important. We are still working on it.”

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