Rau’s IAS Pillar Of Strength: Best Faculty For UPSC Preparation

Rau’s IAS delivers high quality guidance to students pan India with the expertise of trained teachers, using instructional technology to teach and resolve doubts. Read to know more!

Teaching is considered to be one of the most honourable and satisfying professions. A good teacher can make a world of difference in a student’s life, impacting everything from their classroom learning to their long term success. Students are most affected by the quality of their teachers as they interact with teachers every day. The quality of these interactions matter for students’ future.

Unlike other professions, the necessity to possess good personal qualities is much more for a teacher. A good teacher has to be a strong communicator with good oratory skills and also has to be a good listener. A good teacher is always collaborative, adaptable and engaging. Any teacher devoid of empathy and patience does not have the ability to develop a relationship with the students.  Good teachers will value real-world, share best practices, will be lifelong learners.

Research shows that good teacher is the single most important factor that contributes to a student’s achievement, much more than other factors like  institutional facilities and resources.

Rau’s IAS Study Circle, the oldest institute in the country, is the most trusted name in the field of coaching for UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE). In its 67 years long journey, Rau’s IAS has been spearheading the evolution of UPSC IAS coaching and has evolved into a unique fraternity of educators and mentors, striving together in pursuit of excellence.

Rau’s IAS has been able to create an unrivalled formidable legacy with its consistently outstanding results over the years due to the strength of its faculty. Rau’s IAS has the best academic and teaching team. India’s most successful or top faculties of IAS coaching – in General Studies, Optional subjects and Current Affairs are here, working together as a team for years to produce best learning outcomes and highest success rate.

Rau’s IAS empowers its teachers to teach in conformity with learning outcomes

At Rau’s IAS, teaching is considered to be a matter of honour and privilege rather than a mere profession.  All the teachers who are part of Rau’s IAS fraternity possess exceptional devotion and dedication for their work. Dedication refers to a love of teaching or passion for the work, which includes commitment to students’ success. To a student, this dedication means a teacher should be “always willing to help and give time.”

They are masters in their domain subjects. They have the required knowledge and pedagogical skills, including technological skills, to teach and measure learning outcomes effectively. Through transformative power of effective teaching – they empower students to think intensely about the subject matter, toss around with the new ideas and question the basics.


  • Rau’s IAS ethos of delivering quality education and putting student first.
  • Institutional experience of seven decades only in the field of Civil Services Examination.
  • Collective faculty experience of hundreds of decades.
  • Planning and execution of teaching curriculum in consonance with the learning objective.
  • Teaching from basics – Faculty understands the diverse academic background of the aspirants and hence the prerequisite to start with the basics to ensure that no aspirant is left behind when they move up on the learning curve.
  • Team work – All our educators teach as a team and their individual teaching segments are complementary with other teachers so that the student gets a holistic understanding.
  • Continuous learning and mentoring.
  • Integrated UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains testing and evaluation by a dedicated team of examiners and evaluators.
  • Training the teachers – Our faculty truly believe in the adage “Learning has no age bar”. They too are constantly learning and evolving to meet the aspirations of the students and need of the times.
  • Rau’s IAS has the best educators for UPSC IAS Exam



  • Content integration for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach of UPSC IAS
  • Collaborative working across teaching verticals (static and current lectures, Prelims Test Series, Mains Test Series, feedback and mentoring)
  • Common goals
    • opening students’ minds to the wide gamut of knowledge that exists around them
    • Transforming students into a new informed-analytical person.
    • of achieving a very high success rate

    Use of Technology in UPSC IAS Preparation

    Rau’s IAS fraternity takes pride in the fact that during Covid caused lockdown, we successfully migrated from offline to online teaching for IAS in a record time to ensure that there is no discontinuity in our ongoing batches. Rau’s IAS was the only institute to quickly transform and meet the challenge. Our faculty quickly adapted to this change. Our interactive or live – online batches for IAS – General Studies and Optional Subjects, which are being launched month after month since Jun 2020, bear testimony to the perseverance of our team which has risen to the occasion and have been able to meet expectations of the online IAS community of students.

    However, one must understand that teaching means imparting “high-quality guidance”. Technology is ‘‘just’’ a medium. At Rau’s IAS high quality guidance is being delivered by teachers.  We have trained our teachers to use instructional technology to teach and resolve doubts. Our teachers are entirely proficient to use technology to enhance student learning outcomes through active student engagement, collaborative learning and frequent feedback to evaluate teaching absorption.

    To attend to a live – online Counselling Session and to see demo of  an actual online interactive live class, click https://bit.ly/Rau-IAS-Courses-2022

    For new IAS batches for UPSC IAS Exam, check out https://bit.ly/Rau-IAS-Courses-2022  

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