Rajinikant urged people to honour freedom fighters :

India is going to celebrate its 75th Independence day on Monday, in a grand manner. Ahead of celebrations, veteran actor Rajinikant has urged people to honour and salute freedom fighters, martyrs and leaders after hoisting the national flag ouside their homes, offices and work places. 

He has posted a video as well as a post on social media that reads, “This is the 75th year of Independence for India, our motherland. As a mark of respect, and as an expression of our unity, for all the lakhs of people who suffered untold struggles and miseries, pain and humiliation, for all those many thousands of people who sacrificed their lives selflessly for this freedom, for all those freedom fighters, martyrs and leaders – let us honour and salute them with gratitude beyond caste, religion and politics.”

“Let us pass on our Indian National flag to our next generation of kids and youngsters to be proudly displayed outside our homes, offices and work places. Let us celebrate the great Indian 75th Independence day with pride. Let our National flag fly everywhere as we salute them. Jai Hind.”

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