President Murmu Comes Home

President Droupadi Murmu came home to Rairangpur in Odisha nearly a year after her election as India’s First Citizen.

At a civic reception hosted in her honour by the Rairangpur Municipality, the President said she often thinks of her village, adding that her family members, neighbours and villagers are always in her heart.

Recalling her journey, the President said right from childhood, she had the urge to learn a lot. Though her father was not affluent, he wanted her to pursue higher studies.

There were no resources at home, but there was will power and when there is will power, the way is automatically paved, the President asserted.

Ater joining the Sri Aurobindo integral school at Rairangpur as an honorary teacher, the President said she learnt a lot about Sri Aurobindo and he became a source of inspiration for her.

She fondly remembered Atal Bihari Vajpayee and referred to his famous poem in which he beseeched God that he would not like to attain so much that he could not embrace his own people.

Whatever she is today, it is because of Rairangpur, the President said.

She may or may not bring repute to the place, she added, but she will never bring disrepute to Rairangpur.

As the vice chairperson of the Rairangpur Municipality, the President recalled she was given the responsibility to look after the cleanliness of Rairangpur.

Although there was no Swachh Bharat Abhiyan then, she said she worked for the cleanliness of Rairangpur.

Earlier in the day, the President inaugurated a 100 feet flag mast hoisting the National Flag near Badabandha, Rairangpur.

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