Pawan warns govt. not to trouble Tollywood

‘YSRCP leaders have unleashed a false propaganda against Tollywood’

Actor and Jana Sena Party (JSP) president Pawan Kalyan launched a broadside against the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) government for allegedly troubling the Telugu film industry in the name of Online Ticketing (OT) and various rules.

He alleged that the government intended to show the revenue generated by the OT system to banks for the sake of raising loans as a means to wriggle out of the severe financial crisis. “If the Andhra Pradesh (AP) government does not change its exploitative attitude towards Tollywood, I know what to do,” he observed.

Speaking at the ‘Republic’ movie pre-release event in Hyderabad Saturday, Mr. Kalyan said the elders in the film industry, including his brother Chiranjeevi, should demand their rights as taxpayers and not plead with the A.P. government.

It should adopt a give and take policy and not resort to strong-arm tactics to benefit from the travails of the multiple stakeholders in the tinsel town.

He expressed regret that the YSRCP leaders had unleashed a false propaganda against Tollywood at a time when it faced its worst crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. They stooped to the level of attributing the accident in which Sai Dharam Tej was injured, to overspeeding when, in fact, he fell off the bike while trying to negotiate his way past an auto-rickshaw.

Mr. Kalyan said there were many serious issues which plagued the people, but the Chief Minister, Ministers and their party leaders targeted him and the film industry on which a huge number of artistes and others were dependent on their livelihood.

He sought to know the reasons for the Chief Minister’s silence on a host of far more serious issues such as the murder of his uncle and former MP Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy, Kapu reservation and the purported attempt to murder him at Visakhapatnam airport.

There were massive piles of cash and other treasures hidden in Idupulapaya, he said, suggesting that the Chief Minister was thriving on his ill-gotten wealth.

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