Pawan Kalyan: Wait till I really become CM

Jana Sena President  and actor turned politician Power Star Pawan Kalyan is currently on a political tour in Kakinada and marking the occasion, he addressed the public gathering.

Pawan Kalyan appealed to Telaga,Kapu,  and Ontari community leaders and elders to unite and come out to lead the battle against YSRCP  by learning the lessons from the way the Kapu movement was scuttled in recent years.  Jana Sena Chief also said he would go ahead with the ‘Srama Dhaanam’ initiative no matter what. When Pawan Kalyan was delivering the speech, his fans repeatedly kept shouting “Power Star” and “CM…CM” slogans.

Jana Sena President asked them not to call him either Power Star or CM until they actually make him a CM and bring him to power.  Gabbar Singh star said, “Please stop shouting ‘CM…CM’. I am tired of hearing these words. If you really want to see me as the chief minister of the state keep it in your heart. I don’t wish to hear the Chief Minister slogans again. If you really want to shout these slogans, wait till I really become the chief minister of the state.”

Prior to the public gathering, Pawan Kalyan launched a campaign against the  bad roads in the State, by helping his followers in patch work on the road at Hukumpet as part of Sramadanam.

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