Panel to calculate compensation enhanced by courts

Somasila, Kandaleru project oustees to benefit

The government has constituted a high-level committee to recommend the method of calculation to pay interest, solatium and Additional Market Value (AMV) on the compensation enhanced by the courts at various levels to people who lost their lands to the Telugu Ganga project.

A G.O. released on Tuesday said the committee represented by senior officers of the stakeholder departments includes the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration and Special Chief Secretary to the government, the Principal Finance Secretary from the Finance Department and Principal Secretary of Revenue Department as members and the Secretary, Water Resources Department as the Member Convenor.

While taking up the construction of the Somasila project across the Penna river and also the Kandaleru reservoir in Nellore district, certain lands were acquired in Kadapa and Nellore districts and compensation was paid to the people who had lost their lands, under the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act in force. Compensation was also paid for the trees and structures that were lost.

Not satisfied with the compensation awarded, the beneficiaries took a legal course and the courts, at various levels, enhanced the compensation value for the lands, including the trees and structures. To pay the interest, solatium and Additional Market Value (AMV) on the compensation enhanced by the courts, the government has constituted the committee to evolve a scientific methodology which may stand legal scrutiny.

The committee would submit its recommendations at the earliest, stated the GO.

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