Pandemic proves a blessing for Kochi start-up

SurveySparrow, which helps firms conduct surveys, posts over 300% growth

Collecting feedback and conducting surveys seem to have assumed a life of its own since the outbreak of the pandemic bringing rich dividends to SurveySparrow, a Kochi-based start-up offering a multifarious experience management platform for companies.

The start-up posted growth over 300% during last year alone despite being largely marred by the pandemic and in the process hit a landmark of one lakh customers third year into its operations. It is tailored for organisations with a workforce of 50 or more.

“Ours is a Software as a Service-based platform, which help our clients conduct surveys and improve their service. With Work From Home being the new norm, it helps our clients conduct pulse surveys on a consistent basis without which companies may overlook problem areas needing intervention. Pandemic has fast-tracked the digitisation drive leading to a sudden rise in demand for online surveys,” said Shihab Muhammed, CEO of SurveySparrow.

There has been a similar increase in demand for Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is calculated on a scale of 1-10, to analyse the probability of recommendation of a service or product by customers. The in-built NPS platform offered by SurveySparrow would help companies gain feedback and accurately measure customer loyalty.

Founded on the idea to help brands refine their experience regardless of their size and industry, SurveySparrow has evolved from a mere survey tool to an end-to-end experience platform. Having started operating out of a mere 100 sq.ft. space in Kochi in 2017, SurveySparrow, which has closely associated with the Kerala Startup Mission, has now grown to employ 120 workers from at least 15 States. About 50% of our clients are from the US, while Europe and Asia account for 25% and 12% respectively, said Mr. Muhammed.

Since inception, the start-up has offered a plethora of solutions tailored to the need of companies. The custom workflows that brought together surveys, automation and specific actions have been a major solution.

The 360 degree assessments helped company managements turn their traditional annual employee reviews into a dynamic, and employee-friendly continuous performance evaluation system.

Executive Dashboards that help collate data from multiple surveys facilitating easy analysis of business data, and Case Management enabling conversion of responses into auto-generated tickets to reach out to respondents personally are some of the other solutions offered by the start-up.

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