Our politics needs young people, says PM Modi at National Youth Parliament Festival

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday addressed the valedictory session of the second National Youth Parliament. Here are the salient points from his speech.

The Prime Minister said that he will tweet the speeches made by participants of the Youth Parliament from his Twitter account, adding that the idea came to himswhile listening to the speeches made by the three winners today.

The new National Education Policy focuses on development of the individual, from individual development to national development, he said.

“The government is working on giving the youth the opportunities they see abroad,” said the Prime Minister.

“The next 25-26 years are very important as we go towards 100 years of Independence in 2047. This is also the golden period of your lives, give importance to the country,” PM told the youth, adding that “like every field, politics also needs the youth.”

“Earlier, families used to think young people interested in politics were getting spoilt. But today, people of the country are supporting honest politicians,” he said. “Now even elected representatives have understood that they need to have a strong CV if they want to go to the next election. The biggest problem in politics is dynasty. Instead of ‘nation first’, dynasty focuses on ‘me and my family’. Such people have no fear of the law,” he said. He appealed to young people to join politics.

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