Osmansagar gates lifted after a decade

Reservoir received huge amounts of flood water from its catchment areas

Thanks to the bountiful rains, the floodgates of the historic Osmansagar reservoir have been lifted for the first time in a decade.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board has informed that two of the 15 gates of the Osmansagar have been lifted by one foot to release 200 cusecs of surplus water into Musi river, as the reservoir has received huge amounts of flood water from its catchment areas.

Officials from the water board have informed that the flood gates of the Osmansagar were last lifted in 2010. Though water was released from the Himayatsagar last October when heavy rains caused floods across the city, gates of Osmansagar remained down.

Full Tank Level of the reservoir is 1,790 feet while the present level is hovering at 1,784.9 feet. For 3.9 tmcft total capacity, the reservoir has been filled up to 2.817 tmcft.

Meanwhile, Himayatsagar reservoir has been filled up to 1,762.6 feet, against the FTL of 1,763.5 feet. As a precautionary measure in view of widespread rains in the State, two more gates of the reservoir have been lifted by a foot to release flood water into Musi River.

As of now, total five gates of the reservoir among the existing 17 have been lifted by a foot. Last year during October, 13 gates of Himayatsagar had to be lifted to release 15,000 cusecs of flood water.

Presently, 2.716 tmcft water is there in the reservoir against a total capacity of 2.968 tmcft.

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