OGH junior doctors wear helmets and protest

Fan had crashed to the ground on Monday, grazing by the head of a PG student

Junior doctors at Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, wore helmets while attending to patients on Tuesday as a sign of protest against the accident where a fan crashed to ground and grazed by the head of a post-graduate student. They have staged silent protest outside the Out-Patient (OP) block too.

The accident occurred in Dermatology department’s room located in the Out Patient block on Monday. Patients were not present when it occurred. Though she did not get injured, it has sent shivers down the spines of junior and senior doctors who are worried if similar accidents might occur in other parts of the building again. Their fears are not exaggerated as such accidents have occurred earlier: fans, plaster of Paris from ceiling, crashed to ground. Earlier too, the junior doctors wore helmets as a form of protest.

However, Telangana Junior Doctors Association (JUDA) expressed fear that people might get injured in the incidents.

President of the JUDA-OGH unit Dr P Rahul said that they have submitted a representation to the hospital’s superintendent Dr B Nagender. They have requested the superintendent to look into the issue as working with life at risk is bound to hamper patient care and delivery of duties.

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