Nirav Modi’s sister transfers ₹17.25 crore to government account

Purvi Modi was made an approver in January.

Purvi Modi, who turned an approver in the money laundering case against her brother Nirav Modi and others, remitted $23,16,889.03 to the Union government’s account.

The amount, equivalent to about ₹17.25 crore, was parked in a London bank account opened in her name at the instance of her brother.

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Full disclosure

In January 2021, Ms. Modi and her husband, Maiank Mehta, were allowed by a special court to become approvers in the case on the condition that they would make a full and true disclosure. The agency had earlier filed a charge sheet each in the case in May 2018 and February 2019, in which Ms. Modi and her husband were listed as accused.

On June 24, she informed the Enforcement Directorate (ED) that she had come to know about the London account opened in her name, and that the funds did not belong to her.

“As Purvi Modi was allowed tender of pardon on conditions of making full and true disclosure, Ms. Modi remitted an amount of $23,16,889.03 from her U.K. bank account to the bank account of the Government of India, Enforcement Directorate,” said an official.

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