Nine, including 3 children, injured in cooking gas explosion in Hosur

The cylinder is believed to have exploded when a resident of the house switched on the stove; seven of the victims are said to be critically injured

Nine persons including 3 children were injured in a cooking cylinder blast in Hosur on Wednesday. The accident occurred in the tenement of B. Bhim Singh (28) and his brother B. Aravind (33), both migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh, eking out a living with their families, selling pani poori in the neighbourhood.

According to the Hosur town police who are investigating the accident, the cylinder is believed to have exploded when Aravind’s wife Roobi (32) had switched on the stove to cook for the day. In the explosion Aravind, his wife Roobi, Aravind’s sons Roli (7) and Abhishekh (10), Bhim Singh, his mother B. Chandradevi (70), and Bhim Singh’s younger brother B. Rithik (8) were injured. The explosion also injured the neighbours Rizwan, and his sons Sabhi and Sadik.

All the injured were taken to Hosur Government Hospital for first aid and were later transferred to Krishnagiri Government Medical College Hospital. Seven of the victims are said to be critically injured. Some of the neighbouring tenements were also damaged by the asbestos sheet that was thrown off the roof by the explosion.

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