Miraj Cinemas enters Coimbatore

Miraj Cinemas is launching five screens in Coimbatore with the opening of SRK-Miraj multiplex at Kamakshipuram.

According to Amit Sharma, Managing Director of Miraj Cinemas, the multiplex will be inaugurated with the screening of ‘Master’ on January 13. The investment at the multiplex is about ₹ 20 crore and the total seating capacity is 1,257. With the multiplex in Coimbatore, Miraj has expanded to Tamil Nadu.

Mr. Sharma said Miraj was focusing on the south as there were lesser number of multiplexes here compared to the northern States. In Tamil Nadu, the company would invest ₹ 80 crore to ₹ 100 crore in the next 18 to 24 months as it would open four multiplexes in Chennai, apart from the one launched in Coimbatore. Miraj would have 30-odd screens and nearly 7,000 seats with the five multiplexes in the State. “We are also looking at expanding in tier-two and tier-three cities and towns in Tamil Nadu,” he said.

N. Sivaprakasam, Managing Director of Karpagam Theatres, SRK Cinemas, said in a release that the new look at SRK-Miraj Cinemas would be able to satisfy the needs of movie goers here.

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