Minimum age for liquor consumption in Delhi reduced to 21 years

Delhi government won’t run liquor shops, says Manish Sisodia

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday said that the minimum age for liquor consumption in the city has been reduced to 21 from 25.

He also said that they have take a decision to end government-run liquor stores. “In Delhi, there won’t be government-run liquor stores. We have taken a decision to end them,” said Mr. Sisodia.

The Minister said that the locations of many of the existing liquor stores will be changed to put an end to “liquor mafias”.

“58% of Delhi is under served or unserved (in terms is liquor stores). 20% of Delhi is over served. In 79 wards, there are no liquor stores. In 45 wards, only one store. Some areas are under served and some areas are over served, due to which liquor mafias thrive,” he said.

But Mr. Sisodia said that “no new liquor stores” will be opened in the city.

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