Measures for empowerment of women not percolating down to underprivileged, says panel chief

‘Women in higher positions should educate them in this regard’

Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission Chairperson Vasireddy Padma has said that though the State government is taking several measures for the empowerment of women, they are not percolating down to the lower levels. She called upon women, who were in higher positions, to educate them in this regard.

Ms. Padma was speaking at a roundtable on “A.P. Government towards empowerment of women”, organised by the commission here on Tuesday. Representatives of women’s organisations, ICDS beneficiaries and women from different walks of life attended the meeting.

Addressing the participants, she said that the representation of women in various sectors has increased with the government giving 50% reservation to them. Though women were making giant strides of progress in education and employment, they were sometimes being targeted by men either verbally or physically, she added.

The Disha app was brought out for timely assistance to women in times of need and to punish the perpetrators of such crimes, Ms. Padma said. While educated women were in a position to seek help, those in the unorganised sector were suffering humiliation in silence, she said. She underlined the need to created awareness among them on the availability of Disha app and other remedial measures.

Describing women in the State as ‘Mahila Shakti’, she said that the large number of DWCRA group women and those working in government and private organisations should network and educate the underprivileged women. They should also discuss among themselves and come out with suggestions on curbing cyber crimes against women. She said that efforts should be made to motivate all women to download the Disha app on their mobiles.

Mayor G. Venkata Hari Kumari, Corporator G. Anusha, AP Women’s Commission Member Jayalakshmi, and ICDS Project Director Sitamahalakshmi, RJD of Women and Child Welfare Department G. Chinmayi Devi, DCP Harshita Chandra, Director of Women’s Studies Centre, AU, P. Usha, and Principal of Dr. BR Ambedkar Law College, AU, Suchitra, were among those who participated in the roundtable.

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