Man arrested on charge of hacking wife to death

The Piravom police arrested a man on the charge of hacking his wife to death in the early hours of Friday.

The arrested is Bahuleyan, 62, of Mulakulam North near Piravom. The victim, Shantha, 56, was reportedly sleeping beside him and died on the spot. Later, the accused was remanded in judicial custody.

The incident occurred around 12.30 a.m. at the home of the accused. The couple had gone to sleep together. Later, the man allegedly hacked his wife on the neck using a machete when she was asleep.

The police did not find any signs of struggle before the alleged incident. The mother and son of the accused were on the first floor of the house and reportedly had no clue about the crime.

The police claimed that the accused had confessed to the crime. Prima facie, it appears that the accused was suspicious of his wife. Shockingly, he had gone to the neighbours and reportedly confessed to the crime following which the police were informed.

He then went missing for a while but was shortly arrested from the neighbourhood.

In fact, the couple was reportedly seen going to temple together the day before, making it even harder for people in the neighbourhood to come to terms with the incident. Apparently, there were no outward signs of any familial issue, though the police suspect the man to have harboured suspicions about his wife.

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