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Meet Justine, a restaurant security, who is a social media hit

Those who pass through Paliyekkara Toll Plaza on NH 544 cannot miss a perky security person of a nearby hotel, who continuously whistles to invite attention of the motorists.

With swift movements and energy of a sportsman, this ‘security person with an attitude’ is currently a sensation on social media.

He runs with the vehicle to help the driver to park properly. Then he turns to help an old lady cross the busy National Highway. With an athletic body that towers over 6 feet, Justine shows no semblance of a typical security person.

“I was a crazy football player once. You won’t believe, I have even played a game in Japan,” says Justine with his big smile.

Hailing from a financially poor family at Kuzhikkattussery near Mala, Justine was sent as a helper at an orphanage under Thrissur Archdiocese, after he dropped out from the school after Class 8. When a team of children from the orphanage was sent to play a football match in Japan by some voluntary organisation, Justine too got an opportunity to be part of that team.

“We even won the match. The media came home then,” says Justine. However in the course of time, he had to leave football to eke out a living doing small jobs, including as a security person at many places.

He got his current job after his brisk work as security person at some other place caught the eye of the management of ‘Thrichur Gate’, the restaurant where he works.

Justine works from 10. 30 a.m. to 11 p.m. And does he get tired of this continuous whistling? “No, no…. They are paying me, give me accommodation, and food as well. I am totally satisfied,” says the 40-year-old Justine, who is planning to get married soon.

He has even received offers to act in films. “Recently, an actor who was in the movie Ann Maria Kalippilanu (he doesn’t know her name) invited me to act in her next film. If I am fortunate, you can see me on the silver screen.”

Justine has no complaints in life. He is friendly with everyone around, and lavishes compliments on the visitors to the hotel. “Sir, please don’t remove your beard, even if your wife demands. It’s the secret of your beauty,” he was heard telling a young man.

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