Later than ever: On Puducherry and politics

Puducherry needs an efficient administration that is not immersed in political wrangles

There is a strong possibility that the two parties would continue to have differences over the implementation of their manifestos, the key one being the AINRC’s emphasis on Statehood which the national party is silent on. The territorial administration is not in the pink of health as far as its finances are concerned. According to the Budget for 2020-21, debt servicing accounts for about 18% of the revenue expenditure of the administration annually, in addition to salaries and pensions constituting around 35% and power purchase, 17%. Under such circumstances, it is not hard to guess how many of the goodies promised by the two parties would translate into reality. Instead of committing itself to many new measures, the Council of Ministers should ensure that existing welfare schemes, including social security pension to age group-wise beneficiaries, are well implemented. The Centre should also be empathetic and provide a package by waiving “legacy loans”, those taken about 15 years ago. Mr. Rangasamy and Ministers should ensure corruption-free and quality administration, instead of engaging in political bickering.

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