KRK: S*x Ki Malika Deepika Padukone

Kamaal Rashid Khan, also known as KRK, is known for making controversial comments on the celebraties. This time he is targeting Deepika Padukone and called  her S*x Ki Malika on his Twitter account.

Self-proclaimed film critic and trade analyst, KRK reviewed the much-awaited Deepika Padukone’s film Gehraiyaan and called it a soft p*rn.   After watching the movie, he made a series of tweets and called the filmmaker-producer Karan Johar S*x Ke Devta.

 KRK wrote on the wall of Twitter: Now watching Soft P*rn film #Gehraiyaan of S*x Ke Devta #Karanjohar and S*x Ki Malika #Deepika.

The highlight of #Gehraiyaan is this that Jhuggi actor is playing billionaire in the film. Bhai Jiski Shakal Par Lukkha Likha Ho Woh billionaire Kaise Lagega! Kya Mazaak hai. Jhuggi actor Ki entry Ho Gayee, and best thing that director has given him full time Jhuggi type dress only. But this soft p*rn film is full time English film. All speaking only English dialogues. Lol! Toh Hollywood main Hi Bana Lete! Copywood  main Kyon Banayee? #Gehraiyaan. Film #Gehraiyaan can be called biography of #Deepu because she likes only money and Maza!”

He again wrote: What a great dialogues in this film #Gehraiyaan ! The best dialogues I ever heard in any film. Karan Aur Sharam Ka koi Lena Dena Nahi.”

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