Kapu Leaders: Let's hit Ram Gopal Varma with shoes

The leaders of the Kapu Sangha expressed their anger against the director Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV. They reacted strongly to RGV‘s tweet and warned that if Ram Gopal Varma makes comments on Kapus, he will be beaten with shoes.

Thota Rajeev, president of Kapunadu district of Visakhapatnam, said that there is a conspiracy to divide the Kapus in the name of political reasons. RGV has no shame and he should keep his mouth under control. He said that in the past, RGV made a  film Vangaveeti basedon Mohana Ranga and extorted money. Now if Pawan Kalyan is talking about it, then he is sure to say something. RGV should take back the posts and apologize to Kapu. Kapu sangha want to register a case against  Ram Gopal Varma who shard the posts to create discord between castes.

Thota Rajeev said that Kapu is a race that influences the  politics. Recently Ganta Srinivasa Rao has exposed the conspiracy hatched in Kapunadu. MP GVL condemns making inappropriate comments on Kapu leaders in Kapunadu public meeting. What is the relation of MP GVL Narasimha Rao to Kapunadu Sabha? 

Thota Rajeev said that they would form a united platform for the different communities. BRS party leaders have made many comments on this cast in the past. Some people from AP are joining the party for business purposes.  He said that after making Dalits to the Chief Minister in Telangana, KCR should think for the BRS party at the national level. 

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