Kapu leader Mudragada moots new front against dominant communties in A.P.

Dalits, BCs, and Kapus are not palanquin bearers of other communities, he says

Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham, who recently quit the Kapu movement, has given a call for Dalits, Backward Classes, and Kapus for a united political movement to dethrone the communities that have been in the power since formation of Andhra Pradesh.

In an open letter written on January 4, Mr. Padmanabham has reminded the Dalits, BCs, and Kapus that they were being enslaved by the two major communities.

“The Dalits, B.Cs, and Kapu communities are literally slaves to the two major communities (Kamma and Reddy) which have been ruling the State since the beginning. A blueprint must be drawn to come out from their political clutches in the State. The State is nobody’s ‘estate”, said Mr. Padmanabham.

Palanquin bearers

“The Dalits, B.Cs, and Kapus are literally still palanquin bearers for the two major communities. It is high time that we should not beg for power. It is possible to drag it with a united political movement”, said Mr. Padmanabham.

“We should decide how long we would be the palanquin bearers for other communities, whose population is well below compared to the combined population of B.Cs, Dalits, and Kapus in the State”, reiterated Mr. Padmanabham.

In his letter, Mr. Padmanabham has proposed to launch the journey to decide the political movement in the State with the direct involvement of the elders from all the communities.

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