Joint committee to check pollution of waterbodies in Ernakulam

74 sources of pollution identified along canals in Kochi

A joint inspection committee will be formed to protect waterbodies in Ernakulam district of Kerala. A decision to this effect was taken at the district waste management review meeting headed by District Collector Jafar Malik.

A total of 74 sources of pollution have been identified along canals in Kochi city.

The joint inspection committee being formed with representatives from the police, Irrigation Department, and the Pollution Control Board (PCB) will work to prevent dumping of waste in canals and waterbodies in the city. Stringent action will be taken against those polluting waterbodies. The study on pollution in Periyar and Muvattupuzha rivers will be completed very soon.

Local bodies in the district should have waste management plans. Inspection will be strengthened to prevent illegal dumping of waste at the Brahmapuram treatment facility. All municipalities should intensify efforts to have local waste processing centres.

Separate reports will be readied for the rejuvenation of Kadambrayar, Chithrapuzha, and Konothupuzha. All sorts of violations of the law pertaining to waste processing will be dealt with strictly.

Representatives of various departments, including the police, local self governments, Health Department and the PCB, took part in the meeting.

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