Jab drive for 18-44 age group fails to take off

Corporate hospitals expecting clarity in 2-4 days

The COVID-19 vaccination programme for the 18-44 age group could not kick start at corporate hospitals in Hyderabad on May 1 (Saturday). The COWIN website too, did not reflect any slots for the age group for the next two days at least. Heads of the hospitals here said that they are expecting a clarity on the date of delivery of doses in two to four days.

Since the Telangana government had announced that vaccines would be given free of cost to the entire population in the State, a few hospitals sought clarity on whether they have to buy vaccines from the manufacturers or the State government will provide them.

Vaccinating everybody above 18 years of age will be a huge task, say officials.

Meanwhile, corporate hospitals in Hyderabad have started communicating with vaccine manufacturing firms. “Some major hospital chains spread across the nation have got some vaccine doses. We might know the date of delivery to us in two to three days,” said head of a corporate hospital on condition of anonymity, as curiosity among people to get the shot persisted. They continued to inquire when can they come to the health centres for vaccination.

“We sent a letter to Bharat Biotech to allot us the doses. We are awaiting confirmation from them,” said executive director SLG Hospitals D.V.S. Somaraju.

“We received a lot of calls from people of the 18-44 age group. They were able to register but slots were not available. So, they called us to inquire about the vaccination,” said group Chief of Medical Services, Care Hospitals, India, Dr. Nikhil Mathur.

In the case of government vaccination centres, Director of Public Health Dr. G. Srinivasa Rao said on Friday that the vaccination programme will not be conducted at government centres across the State on May 1 and 2 as they did not receive the doses.

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