Instil self-confidence in people, says forum

Save Nation, a Madurai-based forum, has come out with a 15-point action plan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from creating awareness, instilling self-confidence in people is the need of the hour, the forum says.

Priority and attention must be given at all levels and among all sections of people. A collective awareness must be created by activating the panchayat governance system at rural and urban levels. Focus should be on addressing the livelihood concerns of people, especially of those belonging to the lower income groups. They must get regular financial assistance, food provisions and medicines.

Fear and anxiety of people must be addressed while instilling self-confidence in them. A team of volunteers comprising various stakeholders could be formed under the leadership of the Collectors concerned to provide information and guidance. Priority must be given to increase and stock health care resources and provisions. Vaccines should be available for free for poor people and at a fixed rate for others.

The district administration and the police should be sensitive towards the public. Information, guidance, counselling and monitoring hubs must be created to observe the situation and give assistance to the public, said C.J. Rajan, Coordinator of Save Nation, in a press statement.

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