Indians paying huge price for wrong policies of Modi govt.: Chidamabaram

Universal vaccination a priority as a grave catastrophe awaits country, he says

Former Finance Minister P. Chidamabaram, in a series of tweets on Wednesday, claimed that Indians are paying a “huge price for the wrong policies” of the Narendra Modi government and said universal vaccination a priority as a “grave catastrophe” awaits the country.

In a separate tweet, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra pointed out if the BJP can announce free vaccination in election manifesto, then the government should now prioritise universal vaccination.

“IMA [Indian Medical Association] has called for universal vaccination. Several CMs have demanded universal vaccination. Yet the Central government says there is no need for universal vaccination. The need of the hour is walk-in vaccination to all age groups without any pre-registration,” Mr. Chidamabaram said.

“Because of its unscientific and stubborn stance, the government has allowed the number of infections to gallop every day. A grave catastrophe awaits the country. There is no government of any democratic country in the world that has been so callous as the Modi government. From demonetisation to the botched vaccination programme, Indians are paying a huge price for the WRONG policies of the BJP government,” he said.

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