IMH launches one more helpline

The 24-hour helpline will be exclusively handled by the mental health professionals

The pandemic has had its own effects on the mental health of the people. With a number of persons seeking assistance for mental healthcare needs during the pandemic, the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) has launched a dedicated 24-hour helpline.

P. Poorna Chandrika, Director of IMH, said that people in need of help could call 9154154092 and this will be in addition to the existing tele counselling service on 044-26425585.

“This new helpline will be handled round-the-clock by mental health professionals of the institute. Initially, we had launched this helpline for healthcare providers in need of support during the pandemic. A number of them called for stress-related issues. Now, we are opening it up for the general public,” Dr. Chandrika said.

Due to the pandemic, there was fear in the minds of people, she said and added: “People say they fear contracting COVID-19 and fear getting tested. The existing mental illnesses get aggravated as the anxiety levels have increased during the pandemic, especially with more people staying indoors within closed spaces. These are stressful times and people should seek help if needed.” She added that it was important to stay connected with friends, and to reduce exposure to media.

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