Horoscope Today, March 13 : Pisces, Leo, Gemini, and other signs — check astrological prediction

Horoscope Today, March 13, 2021: Pisces, short journeys are important, but it's probably more necessary to keep other people informed as to your thoughts and plans.

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr. 20)

Financial affairs are, no doubt, extremely important, and professional matters could be rising up the ladder of priorities, but it is events in the world with which you have no direct personal connection which continue to exert a powerful influence on your thoughts.

TAURUS (Apr. 21 – May 21)

A great philosopher once said that in my beginning is my end, suggesting that all future possibilities are contained within us even before we start. As the Moon plays its part today, it would be worth pondering what sort of future you are creating for yourself, and make it a good one!

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

Today’s emotional Moon takes you right away from materialistic concerns towards the inner meaning of everything you do. Your spiritual values will help you assess what is worthwhile, and what is not. Only you know what these really are, so your conscience should be your guide.

CANCER (June 22 – July 23)

Excellent social stars urge you to get out and about as much as possible. The best arrangements are those based around joint activities, perhaps with a real purpose. Any sense of achievement will contribute towards a contented day. That’s why it’s a good idea to press on with the tasks which really matter to you.

LEO (July 24 – Aug. 23)

Recent failures can be turned into triumphs with extra determination. This is a competitive time which naturally suits all sporting types but, for all of you, the critical decision will be when to leave the starting block. You have about three days at the outside.

VIRGO (Aug. 24 – Sept. 23)

There could be legal matters to sort out, travel plans to arrange, and ethical questions to ponder. In its essence, though, this is a day for adventure, and it really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you stretch yourself. You should also keep a close eye on rising costs.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23)

You may benefit immensely from partners’ enthusiasm. It’s also an excellent day for pursuing business ventures. Large purchases are suggested, but the key is to be found in other people’s involvement. Those in the housing market can hope for rapid progress.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22)

Partners are sure to dig their heels in. However, the more certain they appear, the greater their secret confusion. Therefore, you must be sensitive and sympathetic, and at all costs don’t come on like an emotional battering ram – you’ll only drive people away!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 – Dec. 22)

Stay active and realise that the best relationships are those based on joint interests. In love, pure passion fades, and something needs to be found to take its place. That is why this is a fine moment to put emotional partnerships on a sounder footing.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 23 – Jan. 20)

It’s a promising day for all competitive activities and creative pursuits. It’s also a moment to let your hair down and remember that it doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old. What’s important is to be young at heart, and take each day as it comes.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)

There’s a strong chance of major improvements at home, but it’s not a hundred per cent certain. What is undeniable is that family relationships lie at the exact centre of everything that you do. Even people who are a long way away can have an impact on your emotions.

PISCES (Feb. 20 – Mar 20)

Short journeys are important, but it’s probably more necessary to keep other people informed as to your thoughts and plans. The decisions you take now should be based around practical arrangements – there’s no point in keeping your head in the clouds. Educational projects should go well.

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